About Us

Translation and Consulting Services “Sataric“ is founded with the idea of strengthening family bonds by starting the family business and providing an example that family and business can go hand in hand.

On the other hand, in the time of the "know-it-all" experts and "universal professionals" we want to add a personal touch and give our modest contribution to the strengthening of professionalism in the fields of translation and consulting services when developing a certain area of business.

No, we do not know everything, but we do perform tasks in our area of expertise responsibly and highly professionally. We are led by the quality, reliability and efficiency, that we consider the highest professional qualities of a good business policy.

Even though the modern market involves the exchange of goods or services for money, we also consider it a place where two parties, by reinforcing their cooperation, can make a positive impact on each other, as well as the wider professional and social community.

At this point, we are the newly foundedcompany and could be considered the beginners, butwe do have significant and years of experience in translation services as well as in consulting and analytical services.


We provide translations from Serbian and into Serbian from various areas with full respect for the deadlines, required forms and data confidentiality. Written translation is carried out with full respect for terminology required to be used in the specific professional areas, grammar and style of the target language (language translated into), as well as the final purpose and the target group of the translated text.

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  • Mira Sataric Translation and Consulting Services Sataric, Lucani
  • +381-65-2-15-15-09
  • mirasataric@gmail.com