Consulting Services

We help non-profit organizations as well as social care organizations/institutions to improve their operations and to drive change in accordance with the needs and circumstances both at community and sector level.

We provide help in creating strategic documents, as well as in strategic management and project management in social welfare and non-profit sector.

In addition, we provide services of support in drafting project proposals, as well as feasibility studies, analyses and assessments in the aforementioned areas. We also carry out monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes.

We provide support to local governments in drafting social policy strategic and operational documents, especially those targeting social welfare area.

A price is agreed with the client and is based on the scope and type of work as well as on deadlines.


We provide translations from Serbian and into Serbian from various areas with full respect for the deadlines, required forms and data confidentiality. Written translation is carried out with full respect for terminology required to be used in the specific professional areas, grammar and style of the target language (language translated into), as well as the final purpose and the target group of the translated text.

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